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Thank you for your interest in family housing at Fort Riley. On-post living at Fort Riley offers you a sense of community, convenience and many amenities commonly found in upscale residential communities. Active-duty service members are eligible to apply for housing as soon as they are aware of a PCS to Fort Riley. Unaccompanied and single, E6 and above, active-duty service members receiving BAH are also eligible to apply for housing.

How to Apply

Service members may apply for wait list placement or submit housing applications and other required supporting documents in any of the following ways:

  • By completing the online application, which also accepts the upload of supporting documents
  • By emailing documentation to
  • By visiting Corvias' Leasing and Relocation Center located at 45 Barry Avenue
  • By faxing documentation to 785-717-2259

Required Documents

A completed housing application is required of each service member in order to be placed on the wait list. Other required documents vary depending upon your situation and must be presented before accepting a home.

To accept a home, service member must be signed into Fort Riley and be able to present confirmation of clearing previous duty station (form DA31).

Select the option that best describes your situation to view the list of additional required documents.

[+] Active-Duty Service Member

  • Copy of current PCS orders
  • Copy of most recent Form DD1172 (DEERS Enrollment or MY DEERS from AKO)
  • Copy of most recent Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)

[+] Dual Military

If there are no dependents, both service members must be stationed at Fort Riley to qualify for housing. Dependents must be listed on the orders to qualify for housing.

  • Orders to Fort Riley for both service members
  • Current DD1172 (DEERS enrollment form, current within 90 days) for both service members or MY DEERS from AKO
  • Current end-of-month LES for the higher ranking service member

[+] New Accession and First Duty Station

  • Orders from MEPS to Basic Training
  • Orders to Fort Riley
  • Current DD1172 (DEERS enrollment form, current within 90 days) or MY DEERS from AKO
  • Marriage license or certificate

[+] Unaccompanied/ Single E6 and Above

  • Orders to Fort Riley
  • Copy of most recent Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)

A Special Power of Attorney must be presented, if acting on behalf of a service member, to sign for a home.

Wait List Positioning

A completed application must be received by Corvias' Leasing and Relocation Center in order for the service member to be placed on the wait list. All required documents must be received before accepting a home at Fort Riley.

Homes are offered on a first-available basis. If you have indicated a preference for a specific community or house type on your application, your wait time may be extended.

About On-Site — Our Online Application Technology Partner
Moving can be stressful. That's why Corvias uses innovative technology provided by On-Site, Inc. to help make your upcoming move to on-post/base housing convenient and easy. By using On-Site, you will be able to securely and quickly complete your online housing application. Later, you'll also be able to electronically sign and submit your lease called the Resident Occupancy Agreement (ROA). So don't wait, apply online today, even from your phone or tablet!