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Historic posts – tales from the living

Posted on: Oct 02.2013

When Corvias assumed operations of Fort Riley in 2006, the company potentially acquired more than just land and homes. According to some, the post is said to be home to a number of supernatural residents.

The following story is based upon true accounts from Corvias employees and residents about their experiences on this old frontier post. The story is being retold solely to entertain and amuse the reader. It is up to you whether or not you choose to believe.

(Please note that none of the alleged sightings have involved anything violent or menacing.)

The hello lady and midnight giggles

Early residents of Fort Riley, Kans. found themselves falling victim to several deadly illnesses prominent during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The summer of 1855 saw an outbreak of cholera and the spring of 1918 saw the first wave of the Spanish flu. Hundreds of Soldiers, women and children became ill and both epidemics reportedly claimed the lives of many at Fort Riley.

Overlooking Huebner Road, which runs through the Historic Main Post Neighborhood, stands building 150. Constructed in 1910, it's the only one of its kind on Fort Riley which displays the craftsman architectural style. It was originally intended to house non-commissioned officers and was later designated as warrant officer housing. Today, the building is used as the Historic Main Post Corvias Community Office as well as two hospitality suites for resident use.

Several employees working in the office and residents staying in Hospitality Suite A have felt three distinctly different presences - a man, a woman and children - that can only be described as paranormal in nature. While no historical records could be found to substantiate a family death in this home, it is reasonable to suspect the presences felt may be those of a family who died tragically from the Spanish flu.

"I still get chills thinking about this," said one Historic Main Post maintenance technician. "I heard the voice of a woman call out, 'hello...hello...' down one of the office stairwells."

He went on to explain how there was no one else in the building and that several staff members refer to this ghost as the "hello lady."

On a separate occasion, another Corvias maintenance technician claims to have heard the distinct voice of a woman say, "hello" from directly behind him. He too, was certain he was alone in the building when he heard this voice.

The ghosts of Building 150 don't just reveal themselves to the maintenance staff though. A resident service specialist was working alone one Sunday afternoon and was preparing the snacks and lemonade for the day when she experienced a strange encounter.

"I heard the timer go off and went into the kitchen to tend to the snacks," she said. "I saw several wet foot prints leading from the kitchen into the office area. My first thought was, 'what did I step in?'"

After noticing her own shoes were not wet nor was there water anywhere in sight, she took a closer look at the foot prints.

"The size of the foot prints were significantly smaller than mine and were a different print than the shoes I was wearing," she continued.

Shocked at what she was seeing, she went into the main office to regroup. When she went back into the kitchen several minutes later, the foot prints on the linoleum had disappeared, but the carpet in the office was still damp from where the foot prints had been.

"I have been told that people have smelled pipe tobacco coming from the manager's office even though no one was in there," said the current Historic Main Post community manager. "People have also claimed to have heard the sound of boots coming down an empty hallway."

The office staff have also reportedly been told stories from residents who have stayed in Hospitality Suite A. One hospitality suite guest said they heard children playing and giggling every night of their stay around 2 a.m. They knew no one else was in the building and did not have children of their own.

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