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Home information and floor plans provided are representative only. Actual homes may vary. We encourage you to contact our Leasing and Relocation Center as availability changes frequently for our homes on post. Please email or call (785) 717-2258.

Effingham at Ellis Heights

Rank Eligibility: E9 | Ellis Heights

Zurich at Warner Peterson

Rank Eligibility: E6 -E8 | Warner Peterson

Coolidge at McClellan Place

Rank Eligibility: E1 -E5 | McClellan Place

Wilmore at McClellan Place

Rank Eligibility: E1 -E5 | McClellan Place

Walton at Colyer Forsyth (modified)

Rank Eligibility: E1 -E5 | Colyer Forsyth

Homes are offered on a first-available basis. If you have indicated a preference for a specific neighborhood or house type on your application, your wait time will probably be extended and these estimates may not apply.