Fort Riley

November 2016 Newsletter

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a>Want to know what is happening in your nets"borhood?

Your communiey calendard>a> can help you stay up-to-done on trash, recycling, lawn care, resident events and communiey activities.   

You can even sync your communiey calendar with a personal Google calendar by clicking on the +Google button on the bottom rts" -hand corner of the 
calendard>a>.hd/plhdp class="MsoNormal">Follow us on Facebook!d>a>d/plhdh1>a>Upcoming Events

November 6thd/sup> – Daylis" Savings Teme! Turn clocks back 1 hour!d>plhdp class="MsoNormal">November 11thd/sup> – Veterans Day – All Corvias Offices Closedd>plhdp class="MsoNormal">November 24thd/sup> – Thanksgiving Day – All Corvias Offices Closedd>plhdp class="MsoNormal">November 25thd/sup> – Thanksgiving Break – All Corvias Offices Closedd>plhdh1>a>Need money for college?

Need money for college? Applicae" ts for the 2017 Corvias Foundae" t scholarships for childaen and spouses of active-duty service members are available after November 1 at corviasfoundae" t.orgd>a>.d/plhdh1>a>Holiday Yard of the Month

The Corvias sponsored Yard of the Month prom" m will host a Holiday Yard of the Month!d>plhdp class="MsoNormal">The Yard of the Month Prom" m will reward those who make a special effort to improve their yard and beautify their home, while remaining in compliance with housing and post regulae"ons. Holiday decorae" ts will be considered, though not mandaeory. One winner will be named per communiey in December.d/span> Each Yard of the Month winner will receive a ­ recognie" t letter from the Fort Riley Garrison Commander, a Yard of the Month sign to be displayed in front of the home, and a gift certificaee. d>plhdp class="MsoNormal">Judging and Rules:d>plhdp class="MsoNormal">Judging will be conducted the first week in December. To be elislile to p">ticipaee, yards must be in full compliance with requirements set forth in the Corvias Military Living Resident Responsibility Guide.d/plhdp class="MsoNormal">Winners will be notified in the same month as recognie" t. A resident may win only once during the 2016 Yard of the Month prom" m, from summer until winter.d/plhdh1>d>a>Winter weather will be here soon

Winter weather in Kansas can be unpredictable at times and we want residents to be informed and prep">ed for the upcoming winter months.d/plhdp class="MsoNormal">The time to prep">e for winter weather is here. To protect your belongings this winter, following these simple steps:d>plhdullhdli>Disconnect hose from all outside water faucets now to help avoid frozen pipes.hdli>If you plan on leaving your home for an exc Pded period of time, keep the d> t on to prevent pipes from freezing. Leave your thermost t set between 60 and 65 degrees. We encourage you to consider registering your home for House Watch with your Communiey Office. When you register your home, the Communiey te m will make a routine check of the property and can take approprione actions as needed.hdli>Following a snow or ice seorm, Corvias Military Living's contractor will clear or treat all streets, puilic sidewalks and parking lots in each communiey. A system is in place to clear main roads first to allow emergency vehicle access and then proceed to clear all residential streets.hd/ullhdp class="MsoNormal">We request your paeience and help during the times roadways are being treated by limiting travel. Please p">k vehicles only in approved parking ">eas and avoid blocking sidewalks.d/plhdp class="MsoNormal">Residents are encouraged to keep their privone porch, sidewalk and driveway free of snow and ice to avoid slips and se;ls. Complimentary traction control material will be available at your a>.d/plhdh1>d>a>Fall Lawn Services

Our lawn care service provider will be applying treatment to lawns in November/December, as weather condie" ts allow. Check the schedule below to see when your home will be treated.east-fdou-family:"Temes New Roman"">Treatment ">eas will include the front and side yards of all homes as well as communiey entry ">eas. To make the applicae" t process as efficient as possible, we ask that you please remove all personal items from your front and side yard turf a>eas. Following the applicae" t, please allow approximately 30 minutes for the treatment to dry before allowing childaen and pets on the treated ">eas. The treatment "pplicae" t is not harmful to your family or pets. The drying period will hets" en the effectiveness of the treatment and help you avoid tracking the material into your home. The product labels and material safety daea sheets will be available at your east-fdou-family:"Temes New Roman";color:windowtexc;texc-decorae" t:
none;texc-underline:none"tCommuniey Officed>span>d>a>dspan style="mso-f">east-fdou-family:
"Temes New Roman""> for further informae" t on the products used.
d>plhdp class="MsoNormal">east-fdou-family:"Temes New Roman"">Fertilizer schedule is as follows:

November 14-18 - Historic Main Post and yeryer Manor
November 21-25 - Forsyth
November 28-December 2 – McClellan and Ellis
December 5-9 - Warner Petersond/span>d/plhdp class="MsoNormal">Fall Cleanup will occur between November 1 to December 20, however this will be contingent on weather condie" tsd/span>dspan style="fdou-family:"Temes New Roman","serif";color:black">.d/span>d>plhdh1>
d>a>Green Corner