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Posted on: Apr 18.2019

“We understand that military spouses face unique obstacles, such as frequent moves and spouse deployments, that which can make earning a degree challenging,” said John Picerne, Foundation Founder and CEO of Corvias. “We established this scholarship program in 2006 as a way to expand our mission to support military families, and are excited to continue the tradition, helping another class of military spouses to achieve their academic goals.”


To date, the spouse scholarship program has awarded more than $1.3 million to more than 260 deserving military spouses across the country. The $5,000 scholarship can be used in any way that that may aid in the advancement of each recipients’ academic career.


“Military spouses juggle both the hectic schedules of their partners as well as their own and often the time to take care of their own children,” said Maria Montalvo, Corvias Foundation’s executive director. “Due to their unique lifestyle, we have learned that spouses need flexibility to be able to finish their education. These scholarships can help support purchases associated with getting a degree, such as gas for transportation to class, childcare, or buying a laptop.”


Corvias Foundation strives to help military partners overcome unique economic hurdles, including a 16% unemployment rate and significant wage gaps. The Foundation is committed to empowering military spouses and helping them get the education they deserve. The 2019/2020 academic year will be announced by the end of July.

About Corvias Foundation

Corvias Foundation is committed to inspiring students, college and university campuses, and military families to reach higher. Founded in 2006 as “Our Family for Families First Foundation,” our work increases access to educational, internship, mentoring, and volunteer opportunities so that those we touch are empowered to pursue their dreams and to make a greater impact in service to their communities and their nation. We strive to create ever-increasing opportunities by providing the resources and networks needed to help our scholars and partners surpass their goals. We achieve this through a commitment to education, community engagement and high-impact charitable giving. To learn more, please visit:


About Corvias

As a privately-owned company headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Corvias partners with higher education and government institutions nationwide to solve their most essential systemic problems and create long-term, sustainable value through our unique approach to partnership. Corvias pursues the kinds of partnerships that materially and sustainably improve the quality of life for the people who call our communities home, purposefully choosing to partner with organizations who share our values and whose mission is to serve as the foundational blocks, or pillars, of our nation. To learn more, please visit