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Recycling Opt-In Form

Complete this form and return to your Community Office to begin recycling.

Recycling is essential to save valuable landfill space. When we don't recycle, these products end up in our landfills and reduce the life expectancy of those landfills. The items you recycle are used as a raw material instead of manufacturers having to mine for materials which saves a tremendous amount of energy and natural resources.

Corvias residents have the opportunity to recycle household items with a convenient, curbside recycling program. To participate in curbside recycling, families will need to opt-in at their Neighborhood Office. Once the recycling toter is delivered they may begin recycling materials accepted by the Fort Riley Recycling Center. Recycling occurs on a bi-weekly basis and varies by neighborhood.

Click here to view the 2019 schedule.

Families choosing to recycle are asked to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Recycle only items accepted by Fort Riley Recycling Center in the designated recycling container.
Recyclable materials: cardboard, paperboard, glass, aluminum cans, steel cans, paper, all plastics, Styrofoam
  • Items must be mixed and loose in the recycling container. Any bagged items will be disposed of as trash and the container will be tagged as non-recyclable.
  • Rinse all food containers.
  • Recycling toters need to be at the curb no later than 6:30 a.m. on the service day and pulled back from the curb that evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items cannot be recycled?
Unacceptable items include, but are not limited to: Yard waste, mulch, food waste, diapers, animal carcasses, medical waste, envelope window panes, ceramics, films, plastic bags, plastic wrap, wax-coated dairy and juice containers, light bulbs and bubble wrap.

Please note not all items labeled as "recyclable" are accepted by the Fort Riley Recycling Center.

What happens if my container is tagged non-recyclable?
The contents of the container will be disposed of as trash. Corvias will provide you with additional information on what steps need to be taken to have your recyclables accepted as recycling.

Corvias reserves the right to remove any recycling toters for failure to follow the requirements of curbside recycling and Resident's deposit will be forfeited.

Why can't I bag the recycling items?
Bagging of recyclable items is prohibited in an effort to limit the amount of trash in recyclable loads. Additionally, plastic bags are not accepted at the Fort Riley Recycling Center.

Why might our recycling day be different from the trash day?
Recycling is picked-up on a four day a week (Monday-Thursday) schedule to accommodate the operating hours of the Fort Riley Recycling Center.

Can I sign up online?
Opt-in forms are available online or at the Community Office. Once a form is completed and returned to the Community Office, families will receive an information packet to have at home.