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The five communities at Fort Riley were created with families in mind.

Fort Riley's family housing areas encompass five appealing communities, each with its own unique character. Each community has its own dedicated team of management and maintenance professionals to make sure each gets the attention and care it needs.

We're all about community, so to encourage and spread that community spirit, we've introduced four Community Centers across Fort Riley. Designed to enhance our families' active lifestyles, they are open to all of our on-post families and offer amenities like a pool, fitness center and daily conveniences like a computer lab and meeting space. Community Centers are already open in the Colyer Forsyth, McClellan Place and Warner Peterson.

Colyer Forsyth »

Ellis Heights »

Historic Main Post »

Colyer Forsyth offers a variety of homes types designed for Fort Riley families.
Ellis Heights features a variety of E1-E5, E6-E8, E9 and O1-O3/W1-W3 homes with convenient attached garages and spacious interior plans.
Historic Main Post encompasses 285 homes for E1-E6, E9, O1-O3/W1-W3, O4-O6/W4-W5 and O7 and higher families.

McClellan Place »

Warner Peterson »

McClellan Place offers three, four and five bedroom townhome-style E1-E5 homes as well as two bedroom apartment-style homes for E1-E5.
The homes in Warner Peterson encompass a variety of floor plans for E1-E5, E6-E8, O1-O3/W1-W3O4-O6/W4-W5 families.