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At Corvias, we do our best to improve your quality of life and overall housing experience. To us, this means making your life easier and taking chores off your plate when we can. As part of this, we provide commercial lawn mowing services at no additional charge. All common areas of each community, including all lawn areas, are thoroughly maintained by our commercial grounds maintenance contractor.

Check your Community Calendar on this website for your mowing schedule. Mowing season is typically March through October.  Please keep in mind, however, that inclement weather may require adjustments to your regular lawn mowing schedule. Our weather make-up day is typically on Friday. If you have questions about your lawn mowing services, please contact your Community Office.

The Lawn Mowing Process

First, the crews mow your lawn. Next, a separate crew trims around fixed objects such as fences and drains (this service will occur every other mow). Finally, another team comes through to blow the grass clippings off of your patio, sidewalk and driveway.

Grass in the area is of the fescue variety and the ideal mowing height is 3 to 3.5 inches. This is taller than a number of varieties but provides the best growing conditions for this type of grass. Fertilizations are scheduled three or four times a year.

How to Prepare Your Yard for Mowing:

  • Pick up toys, lawn furniture, garden tools, hoses and any debris or litter in your yard the day before mowing to be ready for the lawn crew.
  • If you have a gate, please make sure it is unlocked.
  • Secure pets inside your home on service days.
  • Clean up pet waste. It is a public health issue to mow over pet waste.
  • If you have landscape lighting or decorative items in your yard, remove them from obvious mowing and trimming areas in order to prevent damage.

No Mow Option

We understand if you prefer to maintain your own lawn. Please contact your Neighborhood Office, if you do. We will provide you with a special marker to display and our lawn mowing crews will know to skip your lawn. If you choose to place your home on the no-mow list, you will be expected to cut and trim your lawn as often and at least to the standard of our commercial lawn mowing service.

Landscaping Beds

Residents are responsible for maintaining the condition of the landscape beds adjoining the front and rear of the home. These beds are to be free of weeds, trash, dead vegetation and fallen leaves.