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At Corvias, sustainability is a priority.

We understand that the interests of families, business, the military, and the environment all intersect.

At Corvias, sustainability is a priority. Corvias is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and has staff members holding LEED® professional credentials through the Green Building Certification Institute. The communities at each of our seven Army installations are more than "Army Green."

Renovations and newly constructed homes are designed for energy efficiency. Click here to see the HERS Index, air infiltration measures and Low-E windows we've added to more than 3,000 homes at Fort Riley.

In 2009, Corvias was second only to the Department of Defense in the Change the World with Energy Star Program to reduce carbon emissions. Each of our operating installations participates in the program and contributed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 2,829% up to 9,635% or from 10 million to nearly 35 million pounds of greenhouse gasses.

In 2010, Corvias again exceeded goals under the EPA's Energy Star Change the World Challenge. All of our installations exceeded our emission reduction goal and were awarded a "Pledge Leader" award.

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Please feel free to download our Sustainability Fact Sheet for the great programs taking place at each of our locations.

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